Our Brand

Blur Leather is a respected international leather company that manufacturers out of Bologna, Italy, the leather capital of the world. Established in 2001, Blur had quickly become the sought after leatherwear line for fashion forward customers. 

We see our products as a sculptor may see his creations, as an art form. Unlike most leather garments which are mass produced from pre-dyed and treated skins, Blur Leather is blank garment dyed after it has been sewn. Our artisan tanners treat the products with multiple layers of color and wash techniques, to give depth and character. Each product is processed in special wooden barrels for 10 to 14 hours to mimic years of use without harming the leather, which brings out the individuality and uniqueness in every piece. 

Each piece is then polished and given its final treatment to achieve the softest, aged leather produces to date, which only gets better in time. Each piece will take the shape of its owner after a short time wear. 

Please note that every skin has its own characteristics that may include stains, bruises, and scratches, as it is a natural product. Every production has its own look and character that differs from the next. This ensures the owner of having a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece.